The Butcher's Wife (1991)

The Butcher's Wife

Connections in other movies (21)

Year Production Mary Steenburgen Jeff Daniels
1991 The Butcher's Wife Stella Keefover
Dr. Alex Tremor
1981 Ragtime Mother
P.C. O'Donnel
Year Production Demi Moore Jeff Daniels
1991 The Butcher's Wife Marina Lemke
Dr. Alex Tremor

Cast (7):

Demi Moore Demi Moore
Marina Lemke
Frances McDormand Frances McDormand
George Dzundza George Dzundza
Leo Lemke
Jeff Daniels Jeff Daniels
Dr. Alex Tremor
Margaret Colin Margaret Colin
Robyn Graves
Mary Steenburgen Mary Steenburgen
Stella Keefover
Max Perlich Max Perlich