Savages (2012)


Connections in other movies (120)

Year Production John Travolta Salma Hayek
2012 Savages Dennis
2006 Lonely Hearts Elmer C. Robinson
Martha Beck
1998 Welcome to Hollywood Himself
Year Production John Travolta Uma Thurman
2012 Savages Dennis
2005 Be Cool Chili Palmer
Edie Athens
1994 Pulp Fiction Vincent Vega
Mia Wallace
Year Production Salma Hayek Mía Maestro
2012 Savages Elena
2002 Frida Frida Kahlo
Cristina Kahlo
2000 Timecode Rose
Ana Pauls
Year Production Benicio Del Toro Demián Bichir
2012 Savages Lado
2008 Che: Part Two Ernesto Che Guevara
Fidel Castro
Year Production Gillian Zinser Gary Stretch
2012 Savages Beach Girl
Bad Ass Biker
Year Production Mía Maestro Gary Stretch
2012 Savages Dolores
Bad Ass Biker
Year Production Salma Hayek Gary Stretch
2012 Savages Elena
Bad Ass Biker